Are Laptops Worth Repairing ?

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August 17, 2022
Can Laptops Be Repaired ?
August 26, 2022

Are Laptops Worth Repairing ?

After a few years, your laptop may start to experience wear or undergo exterior damage. When you experience common laptop issues like loose keys or a cracked screen, you may be debating, “are laptops worth repairing?” The experts at Treasure Valley IT have the solutions for your laptop woes and can explain whether you should repair or replace your computer.

To help you make the decision between laptop repair and replacement, our experts compiled everything you need to know about your laptop lifespan and which repairs are vital to its performance. Keep reading to learn more about your laptop options and answer the question, “can my laptop be repaired or should I get a new one?”

When Do You Need a Laptop Replacement?

When you’re asking yourself, “are laptops worth repairing,” the answer likely lies in how old your laptop is and how well it was maintained. Common laptop maintenance you can complete to strengthen your computer includes regular dusting and wiping down monitors, undergoing performance updates, maintaining antivirus protection, and changing your passwords regularly.

4-Year-Old Laptop or Newer

If your laptop is four years old or newer, it likely hasn’t experienced any major damaging wear that would warrant a replacement. However, if you handle your laptop hard, and it has experienced multiple tumbles, physical damage to its parts may call for a new laptop. In general, if you take care of your laptop, you shouldn’t need a replacement for the first four years.

5-Year-Old Laptop or Older

Once your laptop hits the five-year mark, it may be time to look for a replacement. While the best-maintained laptops can last up to eight years, most models regularly start showing major signs of aging and may experience internal issues after five years.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Laptop?

Making the choice between repairing and replacing your laptop depends on which component breaks down. Keep reading below to answer, “are laptops worth repairing,” and to learn more about if it’s time to invest in a new computer and how much each service will cost.

Cracked Laptop Screen: Repair

Cracking your screen is one of the most common repairs after dropping your laptop. While it may appear like a debilitating issue, it typically doesn’t harm your laptop’s internal functions. A cracked screen is regularly the most expensive laptop repair that doesn’t warrant a replacement, often costing around $300. Yet, with many laptops ranging over $1,000 for a new computer, repairing your current laptop is still the more affordable option.

Broken Keyboard: Repair

A broken keyboard is often one of the most frustrating laptop failures because keys may become dislodged or hard to press. While annoying, keyboard issues aren’t a death sentence for your laptop. However, broken keyboards do represent one of the more expensive laptop repairs, ranging from around $150 to $200 for repair services. 

Faulty Battery: Repair 

When your laptop has a weak battery, you may have trouble turning it on, keeping it on, or holding a charge. If you change chargers and are still experiencing battery issues, your battery has likely reached the end of its lifespan. Thankfully, a new battery is one of the cheaper laptop repairs that doesn’t require a replacement computer, costing around $20 to $50 on average.

Computer Virus: Repair

Accessing unsafe sites can leave your laptop with a virus, sending multiple pop-ups to your screen and making it otherwise inaccessible. Removing a virus can cost anywhere from $100 to $300, depending on how intricate the virus is to locate and remove and which antivirus software programs you choose to install to avoid future virus issues.

Hard Drive Problems: Repair 

Your hard drive holds your laptop’s storage. When it stops working, you can lose your vital data. Thankfully, with hard drive recovery services, professionals can help you restore lost data and replace your hard drive with a reliable model. Hard drive repairs or replacements typically cost around $100, making it smarter to replace a single component, rather than your entire laptop.

Motherboard Issues: Replace 

Unfortunately, there is one major laptop issue that signals the need for a replacement computer: motherboard issues. Your laptop’s motherboard is its main power source, and failures can cause constant freezing or the dreaded blue screen. Since motherboard repair can cost you anywhere from $500 to $800, replacing your laptop is typically the more cost-effective choice.

Treasure Valley IT Offers Idaho Computer Repairing Near You

Treasure Valley IT delivers hassle-free technology to your home or business. When you’re experiencing laptop issues, we can pinpoint the source of the problem and restore its efficiency. We offer both computer and software support for your laptop issues.

Are you located near Treasure Valley or Boise, ID, and wondering, “can my laptop be repaired?” Treasure Valley IT offers reliable laptop repair near you. When you experience laptop issues, don’t hesitate to call our experts for help, at (208) 367-1000.

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