Managed IT Services in Ketchum, ID

Managed IT Services in Ketchum, ID

With its ideal positioning near the famous Sun Valley, Ketchum, ID is a popular tourist town. Business owners benefit from an annual influx of potential customers. However, this seasonal increase in population means a huge increase on your IT network and hardware.

Maximizing profits during this busy season requires you to keep your IT equipment working at optimal levels. Doing this on your own can be quite challenging and starting your own in-house IT department is expensive. That’s where we come in.

Treasure Valley IT provides residential and business IT management services to the city of Ketchum. We have a proven track record of success and provide scalable options to meet the needs of any customer. Whether you need server repairs or network assessment to improve efficiency, we can help!

What Is IT Management?

Simply put, IT management is the practice of outsourcing your information technology needs. Treasure Valley IT is your one-stop-shop for experienced programmers, engineers, and technicians. We have the skillset and resources necessary to solve any IT problem.

As noted above, creating your own IT department is extremely time-consuming and costly. You have to keep those employees on payroll year-round, even when you don’t need them. Partnering with Treasure Valley IT allows you to pay a fixed monthly fee and have access to our team when you need us. There are no hidden costs and you can modify services monthly as your business and needs change.

Residential IT Services

Treasure Valley IT does not just serve businesses. We have affordable options for residents too. Whether you need help setting up your home office or want a reliable virus protection service, we are the team for the job. We even provide computer repair services.


Managed IT Services at Ketchum, ID.

Data Backup

While we understand that you spent your hard-earned money on your home computer system, the real value is in your data. Whether it is photographs of your grandchildren or important financial information, lost data can be irreplaceable.

While you may think that it may never happen to you, hard drive crashes are more common than you might expect. The safer option is to partner with Treasure Valley IT for data backup services. We will store your information on a secure server and aid in data recovery if you experience a serious issue.

Network Support

Few things are more frustrating than a slow internet connection. Treasure Valley IT offers residential network support for your home internet connection. We can optimize browsing speeds and ensure that your router and modem are working as designed.

Software Support

As part of our efforts to better serve our clients, we provide software support for your residential computer. We can help you work through frequently encountered problems with computer programs and operating systems.

Our experts are experienced with all of the most popular software and even some that you may not have heard of. We can help you optimize your productivity and entertainment capabilities.

Additional Residential IT Services

Even the best equipment can be rendered useless if exposed to a sophisticated computer virus. Treasure Valley IT can equip your home computer with commercial quality virus protection software. We also provide ongoing monitoring to protect your confidential data.

Business IT Services

From holding conference calls to operating POS equipment, every aspect of your business relies on a safe and secure IT network. However, connectivity issues, viruses, and equipment failures can quickly derail the productivity of your employees. Treasure Valley IT loves helping business owners reach new heights with the aid of a reliable IT network.

Hardware Support

Have you recently relocated to a new office? Ready to upgrade those outdated phones and security cameras? If so, then you need to contact Treasure Valley IT.

We offer comprehensive hardware support. We can install phone systems, video cameras, computer equipment, and more. You will not have to waste hours untangling wires and troubleshooting your equipment. We will send a team of expert technicians to your office and get everything up and running in no time.

Customer Access

We make it easy to connect with Treasure Valley IT. Our webpage contains an easy-to-use “Customer Access” page that has everything you need to manage your account. You can pay your bill, manage your services, and even connect with an agent.

Our remote support agent service allows one of our programmers to access your computer network wirelessly. This efficient service saves time and allows you to get back to business faster.

Security Management

As a business owner, you are entrusted with valuable client information. It is your responsibility to keep this data safe from hackers and other malicious entities. Doing so requires cutting-edge security management services, such as those provided by Treasure Valley IT.

We install the latest virus protection software and continuously monitor your network. If we detect suspicious activity, we take action to protect your data and notify you immediately.

Network Management & More

At Treasure Valley IT, we provide continuous network management so that we can ensure it is working as designed. We conduct network assessments regularly and provide detailed reports that can be used to improve productivity.

Computer Repair Services

Chances are, you have spent thousands of dollars on computer equipment for your business. We want to help you protect this investment by keeping it up and running as long as possible. Our experts can troubleshoot and repair your computer equipment, including servers, CPUs, and more.

Laptop Repair Services

At Treasure Valley IT, we don’t just fix desktop equipment. Our professionals also provide laptop repair services to our clients. We will get your invaluable systems fixed fast, saving you money and allowing your team to get back to work.

Professional Managed IT Services in Ketchum, ID

If you need affordable and professional managed IT services, then it is time to contact Treasure Valley IT. Our experts can handle the needs of any residence or business. Contact our team and obtain a free quote on services.

We will provide a custom service plan designed to suit your needs. Treasure Valley IT provides the service you need at a price you can afford! We look forward to hearing from you.


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